Dwc growing!

Looking for other growers that use DWC, I’m planning to switch over from dirt so looking for some advice and what kinda set up is ideal.


I use coco and perlite. It will allow for better drainage.

The first thing you need to decide is if you are going to do DWC or RDWC.

Once you’ve read up on the differences between those two then you can make a good educated decision on what direction you want to go.

DWC is gonna be easier to build and put together but RDWC keeps water constantly in circulation, helping top keep oxygen levels higher through out the grow.

Dwc is cheap, simple, and straight forward.

RDWC takes more thought and plumbing to make things work right.

You can have success in both systems

I would suggest if you run regular DWC, make shure you have extra empty buckets that you can set the plant in when you do weekly reservoir changes


Congrats on making the choice to grow dwc @carpenter92. I’ve been running a rdwc system for almost a year now. If you have any specific questions just tag me, @Tygrow78. I spent months researching everything I’d need to know to grow in dwc. Then learned alot during my past 4 grows. I’m just about ready to harvest my 5th crop. I’ll be following my friend!