Dyna gro any opinions?

Hey guys I bought a grow tent and the guy I bought it from gave me this stuff. Any opinions or experience with this stuff for growing ? They are full bottles so just curious . The ratios are way different than the fox farms I used


Dyna gro has been around a long time

in the end they are are about the same N-P-K is N-P-K :slight_smile:

some are better because they are made from better chemicals

I use dry powders myself why buy water

I like complete one part formulas, but I am a lazy stoner that likes easy and cheap

grow well and be safe



hi @spades90

Funny enough I was looking at Dyno gro solutions last night for my new grow this season. Growershouse.com also offers them and they have a solid name for growers in the industry.



I’ve heard great things about using Pro-Tekt for IPMIntegrated pest management” For both preventative Measures and for pest infestation, such as spider mites, aphips thrips, Russet Mites etc…

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