[eBOOK] The Need for Cannabis Education Inside the Dispensary

The following line from Marijuana Retail Report really struck a chord as it perfectly describes our stance on the importance of education within dispensaries.

“… knowledge truly is the key to success, and being a thought leader for your patients and consumers means you are earning brand loyalty that cannot be bought.”

Whether you’re already well-aware of how critical science-backed information is to the success of the cannabis industry, or you still could use some convincing, we think you’ll find our newest ebook a worthwhile read.


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A lot of folks started dispensaries on very little knowledge. Staff and owners alike had to “wing it”. It’s nice to see some continuity in information coming to the industry. Thanks for sharing this, @MatthewCutone!


Thanks for your reply, Nick. Happy to have shared. You’re absolutely right.

Between all the new research that comes out daily, the various subjective online sources that claim to be scientific fact and staff members that typically have focus their efforts on keeping the dispensary running smoothly… a majority of consumers are left to figure cannabis out themselves.

Letting them explore on a touchscreen with curated, current and credible content is our goal. This education benefits everyone involved, from customers to staff and owners to activists who continue working to lower the stigma of cannabis use. All-around win!