ECODYST 72 LITER HIGH SPEED EVAPORATOR COMPLETE SYSTEM - EcoChyll X7 - 208-230V dual double loop stainless steel coils

This listing is for a Brand New unit, still in the crate.
We purchased this unit and then decided to go another route with our extraction process.
Asking price is $79,999 OBO

The EcoChyll® X7 is a tankless evaporator for industrial scale operations. Its dual metal condensers reach -40°C in less than one minute and exceed -40°C cooling temperature. It does not require water or antifreeze. It’s safer than traditional evaporators and prevents frostbite and exposure to CO2.

Conventional distillation/evaporation condensers are constructed of glass, which is a poor conductor of heat. Using antifreeze to cool large glass coils does not provide optimal cooling of the condensers and hence inefficient vapor condensing. EcoChyll X7’s robust chemically-resistant metal condensers can achieve -40°C cooling temperatures. EcoChyll X7 rapidly condenses vapors and thereby reduces distillation time, which increases productivity. The highly efficient dual double loop metal coil condensers prevent vapors from escaping into the vacuum pump and the environment.

Twice the load capacity of traditional rotovaps
More than double rate of evaporation
High speed stirring – increased surface area and vapor generation
Easy – product drains without removing large evaporation vessel
Safe – all glassware is stationary
Modular system – easily upgrade from 22L to 50L system
Continuous addition of sample with feed valve
Large cooling surface area
Reaches -40C in less than 60 seconds
Energy efficient (6.3 amps/230v, 60Hz)
Eliminates expensive rotary motor with overhead stirring

A. EcoChyll X7 Cooling Capacity (900F Ambient)

B. Site Prep / Power Requirements

208-230V/1/60Hz 20 amps

C. Glassware manufactured by Chemglass, the global leader of scientific glassware manufacturing

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Unit is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and we can arrange freight shipping or local pickup.

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