Ed Rosenthal Guest Blog!

Hi Growers Network!

We had the privilege of writing a guest blog that went live on Ed Rosenthal’s website yesterday. It focuses on why automated light dep greenhouses are the best investment for your flower, your business, and the environment. The title is a bit misleading because it’s not “light dep vs. outdoor”, it actually focuses on indoor cultivation as well. Would love to get the thoughts from @growopowners, @CAgrowopowners, @mastergrowers, @CAMasterGrowers and anyone who has transitioned from outdoor or indoor production to light dep greenhouses. Any thoughts or suggestions based on the blog post?


Very cool stuff! Nice work, @Alex_Gro-Tech!

Look for the Ed Rosenthal AMA coming soon :evergreen_tree:


Sadly all literature regarding comparisons on growing relly on growing in seasonal countries and never account for countries that have a tropical climate all year long.

Adapt… Create the environment… Lots of humidity in tropical settings… Key would be trying to keep humidity levels under control once you get that down your golden

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