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Educational resources

Clover Leaf University

Cannabis Training Institute

THC University

Oaksterdam University

Cannabis University of Colorado

Cannabis Therapy Institute

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Career Institute

Med Grow Cannabis College

Dunlap-Stone University

Science of Cannabis Institute

Trichome Institute


Awesome! Thanks Nic.

Great! I hope this page continues to grow! (No pun intended. Thanks!)


Quite a long list there. Very good educational resources.

We’re always happy to hear about more resources as well. Let us know

The department of Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA
It seems the department is focused of preservation and shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and flowers using Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) based technologies.

College of Science and Mathematics- University of the Philippines Mindanao Mintal, also working of the preservation process in plants with the same treatments.


Good article on CFN Media about where to get a cannabis degree:

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Another resource for the list:

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New medical cannabis course starting in Australia:

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Another cannabis course, this time from Sonoma State:

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More mainstream universities offering cannabis courses:


I spoke with UVM about their program for healthcare providers and it sounds like a good program but is geared toward novice level of knowledge related to the ECS and business. I opted not to do it but no matter how repetitive some of the knowledge may be, getting a certificate from a university will provide credibility. Cost was about 2800$.


@Nicholas we should start our own educational seminars through growers network . get a solid panel of 6- 10 speakers

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royal knight ag is a educational base consulting brokerage firm. we consult on site to work with farmers to educate on the best organic ways and IPM intensive program

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Good idea. I’ll add that to our list of ideas for when we grow large enough to pull something like that off.


NMU launches a 4 year degree program oriented towards cannabis:


This is awesome!

A controlled ag/biology set of courses would definitely suit people looking to get into cannabis.


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