Electroculture Results

End of my mini growing season lol. I used electroculture on my plants this season and my results were great, probably wouldve been even better if the weather cooperated more in the last few weeks. Regardless, I experimented on some green onions, one with copper rods and one without. You can guess which one was electrocuture from the pic. Very interesting results :grinning:


Nice so just grounded to the ground outside is all u had to do. So I’m if that works rather well how would using copper wire and coiling a coil on the bottom of the pot and have the wire cone up from somewheres in the middle area of the pot or outer edge either way giving more of the medium the grounding to spread more throughout hmm interesting to see the planta looks from having and not having it tho that’s cool ASF


People get crazy with the copper coils all over lol, even wrapping magnets with the copper and burying in the soil. It’s pretty fascinating for sure. I’m definitely going way more with the next crop.

I show everyone the green onions, because I agree, cool asf :sunglasses: