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Elevated atmospheric CO2 lowering nutrient density in food crops?

Any thoughts on implications this might have for cannabis?


That is a fascinating article and I hadn’t heard of their theory before. As far as cannabis, as long as it isn’t impacting THC, CBD or terpene production then I don’t see growers being too concerned. There might be an impact on some of the other chemical compounds that we haven’t isolated yet.


Not like we weren’t told for decades that poor agricultural practices would destroy the nutrients in the life-giving soil. No…must be some external cause because #GlyphosateIsVital!

“After only a few years there is evidence that soil treated
with artificial fertilizer is seen reduced to dross. It is another
example of man working against Nature and happily
obstructing the last remaining source of nutrition, the
capillary system of the soil. The field which had previously
given the farmer an abundance of produce had begun to
deteriorate. He instinctively sought the solution by using
his deep plough, thus destroying the system of capillaries in
the soil.”

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It likely won’t affect cannabis in the foreseeable future – many growers already use elevated CO2 levels and don’t have issues with quality of their product. Since most growers use “flushing” to force extra nutrients into the buds, the negative effects of elevated CO2 aren’t noticeable.

The other factor is that there’s still a lot of breeding going on with cannabis. The increase of atmospheric CO2 is gradual, whereas the breeding process is VERY fast, which means that any negative effects from the atmosphere will likely be superseded by better breeds.