Emergency Egress Lighting

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Good day grow fam, need to find a solution to emergency egress lighting issue. Fire Marshal is insisting we have emergency lighting in grow rooms coming on when power goes out. Are there any solutions that won’t mess with plants that still provide enough light for egress. I really don’t want to build something myself, rather pay for something that exists that is code compliant. Honestly i’m not even 100% convinced green light head lamps do no harm and try not to use them unless absolutely necessary. Even if they work I haven’t found emergency led lighting that will allow me to swap out clear led bulbs for the green bulbs. The Fire Marshal is willing to work with us if we find a light with a spectrum that works. Green film over the lights is not an option. Thanks - Lee


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There is zero flexibility on the green light, huh? That seems very unreasonable. The fire marshal in Tucson allowed us to install green exit light signs in our grow rooms and completely understood the utility. Is there a chance the city might let you file for a variance that overrides the marshal’s decision?

How often doe you deal with power outages? Do you have a backup generator?


The best green LEDs are narrow-bandwidth sources of
pure green light (which makes the difference over broad-spectrum
sources with filters that don’t remove all the non-green
spectrum). Don’t use those “emergency-lighting” fixtures; use
whatever works for your inspector.


He is allowing me to swap out for green lights, I just haven’t found standard emergency lights that allow me to remove bulbs and replace with green lights. Im good on exit signs, at least for now. Being in Alaska we usually only have what either Lowes or Homedepot sells.


Dear Lee we have our EVA3 fixture with full flexibility on spectrum (11 bands) and other light parameters. In case you need any wavelength we have them all. Drop me an e mail and i can share with you more data.

All the best: eyal@fotonica.io