Hi, My name is Thomas. I am looking for work in the industry in my area of western Massachusetts. I have a hobby knowledge of growing,trimming, and curing. I am highly motivated work well with others. Will start at the bottom and work my way up. Please give me a chance to help this industry be the best it can be.


I do understand your needs, now is a bit hard to find a job. When I were looking for a job a waste such a lot of money. And when finally I got the work I were so stressed to lose it. I could not structure my working time, like what to do and when. With what should I start. And I got fired. Later on found service level agreement template, they helped me to have really nice schedule. They created for myself great time table and now with my new job. I even have free time and I am not wasting my time.

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I am also looking for it now(


High guys, I would like to introduce myself to Jonathan Bartolome for wanting
to work with your company at any cost, sorry for that
introduction but it really excites me to get a job in the cannabis field.
I love cannabis and this is my dream job to get in this field, but unfortunately I live in Asia so cannabis is much more determined as a bad drug here.
It is very sad for this kind of plant to be on the list of bad drugs here. I really want to work with your company please let me fulfill my dream.
I will accept any kind of work related to cannabis.


What are your skillsets sir?

I dont have a company. The more you talk about your skills, the more you might catch someone’s attention.

It might be hard for you to get in the field. Like slym3er asked what are you skill sets?
Have you ran a perpetual grow? Do you know about lighting types? Lighting schedules?
Can you properly measure PPM’s and PH? Do you grow or have experience in Soil, Hydroponics, coco or various other types of mediums?

Can you understand and spot not only deficiencies but plant diseases and pests? Do you know safe measure or the precautions to take to not cause issues with consumption? Do you know about macro and micro nutrients? What about mobile vs immobile nutrients?

What types of strains have you grown? Do you know different types of extraction processes? Do you know cure processes etc. I could go on. You gotta sell yourself. Some words of wisdom keep a grow log make a resume and network. These sites are hard to get a job in and in the field in general.

Typically gotta know somebody and if you get to the interview process expect to be low balled. Expect to work with people that don’t know what they’re doing. You’re better joining a collective. Passed up my dream job because they offered shit pay and the people didn’t give 2 shits about quality.

Oh yea they believe in quantity over quality. Trust me lots of homegrown product stomp on dispensary product. Forge your own path.