Emulating sunlight

I am an indoor grower very small 3-4 plants but I’ve found a lighting schedule that has done wonders rather than flip to 12/12 decrease slowly as the months in outdoor season would… I even have an extra light to emulate the brighter hotter days of summer… Just a thought… It’s a longer grow period than most indoor are used to… around here where I live all I here is 90 days… Long grow is best from what I’ve experienced… Just a thought in indoor growing :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:

Dude try there 10 / 14 schedule I think I’m Guna do it next time the gaslight schedule bi jus seen posted the other day looks dope to and I hadn’t heard of that one yet

Longer vege absolutely bigger plant would love to always have growing indoors unfortunately unless you are committing to actual whole bedroom not easy, This is why I grow outdoors on the good season and indoors at the same time, Here is some pitches you maybe interest in a plant that started to flower then I put it back to vege Before & After pictures.

This is a second generation Close bubble gum Growing her now for almost 4 months she had the wrong lighting when into flour too many plants attempting to grow indoors all better now.

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