End of week 3 veg , turning into a beautiful girl 🤗

When do I know if it’s a girl or a boy

The strain is called " purple auto " from Pyramid

you’ll have to flip the lights to 12/12 to see it show sex - can take a week or moreof that schedule.

what’s up with the 2nd plant - put that in its own pot - bury it 90 % in the media…

okay - so its an auto - is it a REG or Feminized seed ?

The second plant didn’t survive, I transplanted it into little pot, and went to work , came back and she was all dried out…

Fem , has to be a girl right ?

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right - if it is a FEM seed - guaranteed to make buds - REG Autos [i have several strains] can be either.

since it an Auto, you should put 18/6 light to get the max growth before the buds start growing…

what’s your main grow light ?

that light in the picture won’t grow much more than a small main bud and it will take several weeks at that…

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Yes I have this light schedule since the beginning, I can grow one or two plants at max, or be suspicious of electric bill, I have three LED lamps with 14 watts each , they are bright though , and two lamps with red lights on the side , I will send pic

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here’s my grow diary I’m in Week 4 of growing - I have a $250 HLG light that’s 260W at the wall.
the electric cost is under $10 a month for one of these lights…

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I am thinking of changing the lights, but I need something that doesn’t consume lot of energy

Very beautiful :heart_eyes:, for me it’s expensive light for now, but it’s a perfect option for my house, and can grow more than one plant ?

My plant is growing slow because of the week lights…

one of these HLG lights can grow to harvest a 2x4 space - at least two plants for sure.

one of these lights will finish one plant just fine :fire: Mars Hydro Ts600 led light - $80


Thanks, for this price I can now grow good, am collecting my grow kit , peace by peace, am doing this grow for learning the plant, and for medical reason

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It’s a auto tho

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