Energy and Carbon Optimized Synthesis for the Bioeconomy

Good Morning Growers Network!
I need help in understanding some concepts that are definitely not within my area of expertise. Especially breaking down how hemp can improve the carbon efficiency of bioconversion platforms. If there is anyone in the “Hemp” space that is R&D with biofuels please send me a message as well, there is a possible opportunity for a federal R&D grant.

Proposed systems of interest include, but are not limited to:
(1) carbon optimized fermentation strains that avoid CO2 evolution,
(2) engineered mixotrophic consortia or systems that avoid CO2 evolution,
(3) biomass or gas fermentation with internal CO2 utilization,
(4) cell-free carbon optimized biocatalytic biomass conversion and/or CO2 utilization, and
(5) cross-cutting or other proposed carbon optimized bioconversion schemes. All systems will need to demonstrate the capacity to accommodate external reducing equivalents to optimize the carbon efficiency of the system as compared to traditional fermentation systems (i.e. the sum of the recoverable energy contents of the products is greater than the energy content of the biomass or primary carbon feedstock).

Thanks in advance!