Essential Security

Surveillance cameras, panic buttons, biometric locks, bulletproof glass, armed security guards…ninjas? Our industry deals with high value assets. What elements do you find essential to your security plan? @memberdirectory thoughts are all welcome here.


How about a dog named Ninja and his backup kitty? Does that count as two?


Ninja looks like he means business, but his backup looks super vicious!


From an insurance company’s prespective, they say no to dogs and guns. If you are going to use guards especially armed guards, hire a company and don’t make them employees. Make them have there own insurance and name your company as an additional insured on their insurance policy.

Just me 2 cents

Larry Harb
420 Friendly Insurance


How do underwriters feel about security cats, @420FriendlyInsurance? :cat2:


This advice probably fits home growers, because we don’t have security guards and ID verification systems. The best security you can have is to stop bringing ppl and friends into your garden, stop telling ppl what you do and where everything is located. It’s sad to say but a lot of growers get robbed by close friends, who know your schedule and how to get access to your home/facilities. Stay safe everyone. Keep it growing!


I never-ever-ever had security issues. I have fond memories of my little ‘Ambush Predator’ Rottweiler named Bun Bun. She accompanied myself on many missions out in the ‘field’. When we decided to become ‘legit’ she became a door Lady ambassador greeting all my customers visiting my restaurant.

As a professional, I would always consult with your insurance company.


With regards to home grow operation. You need to be very careful with you homeowners insurance. Most homeowner insurance policies today will exclude cannabis. this means that if you have a fire and it was do to your lights or something involving you cannabis plants, the insurance company could pay the claim, but for sure they will cancel you. Or they might deny the claim based on the fact that you were doing something that is deemed FEDERALLY illegal. there is wording in most all polices that would allow them to do this.

Just my 2 cents

Larry Harb
420 Friendly Insurance


I have an armory, always have and always will (admitted conspiracy theorist here), 360 degree camera accessibility via my phone 24/7, a house alarm, and American Bullies…and of course I am with its1080p on keeping your mouth shut.

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