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Ethanol Extraction

I was wondering what extractor everyone liked for using for cold ethanol extractions.


@ProcessorOwners might be able to provide some recommendations here.

Also, @tasiakelle, @nafutral, @BVV_Tech and @BVV_LabTech might have some advice.


Hi Brian, I would Suggest looking at Colorado extractions systems website. We utilize their equipment for cold ethanol extraction, and we are very pleased with it. Take care-Kris


I’ve been using heidolph - it’s indestructable



My neighbor Mike is a salesman for Emerald Gold Extract, they make extraction equipment out of Missouri if you would be interested in having a chat with him! :smiley:


We’ve often paired the Delta Separations CUP-15 unit with our AutoVap because of their high-volume capacity and reputation for compliant equipment. With their new upgrade last month- it’s even better now. I would recommend Delta Separations hands down.



ethanol must be cold but the most important part is to keep your material in the freezer, this will help you to keep the terpenes and produce the best extraction.
Here is a simple article which explains briefly how and why: Live Resin Extraction Tips | Precision Extraction Blog

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I have little to no experience with extractions, I’m a grower. However as of lately our extraction department is having some issues with the shatter product. The product comes out gold, goes into the rotovap and it turns red, then when put into our oven it turns back gold.

Can anyone offer an explanation as to why this is happening? Again I know nothing about extracts, is there something that is happening during the grow process that could cause this?

Thanks in advance for your replies.