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Events/Conventions for 2018

Hey Network,

We are looking at our events schedule for 2018 and wanted opinions on which events are really great to attend. Right now we are attending the following. Was just curious about your thoughts and if we are missing any so far? Thank you.

January: IndoExpo - Denver

February: CannaCon - Seattle

March: Cultivation Conference - Oakland

May: CannaGrow - Palm Springs


Hey @RayWearCC, thanks for sharing.

From all the trade shows you listed, I have heard the most positive word of mouth about IndoExpo in Denver. I think @GreenBroz might be friends with the people who put it on, and could tell you more about it from an attendee standpoint.

From their websites, it looks like the following members are attending each trade show:

We are actively working on a proprietary database to rank tradeshows. This is nowhere near done, but in the future, this database will be exactly what you are looking for when you made this post asking for shows to go to. We will allow our members to up-vote and down-vote trade shows, leave reviews, and answer questions, all sortable by date, cost, ranking, location, customer groups, etc.

Hope this helps, and as always, thank you for being such a strong member of Growers Network!

Enjoy your Friday, Daniel.


There’s a good amount of quality shows in the industry, but a few are our favorites each year, like Indo Expo, The Emerald Cup, and MJBiz just to name a few. Feel free to private message us if you want more specific feedback.


Fantastic…can’t wait for that database to be completed. Will be a huge resource for scheduling events. Thank you for the feedback.


My company, Medicinal Genomics, puts on the CannMed Conference each year, which is a gathering of the greatest minds in medical cannabis. We bring in all the top doctors, researchers, and industry innovators to present on medical cannabis research, treatment, and product development.

Our 2018 conference will be at The Luskin Conference Center at UCLA October 22-24. More info at

Hope to see you guys in the fall!


@CannaGrowExpo is here to answer your questions!

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Hey @RayWearCC, I can wholeheartedly recommend both of the Indo Expo events (Denver and Portland). They have a great team who do an amazing job of attracting relevant attendees to their expos. We have had impressive (and speedy) ROI from these events.


Great to hear…we are excited about 2018 and think the Indo Expo is a wonderful way to get 2018 started off right. Nothing but positive reviews from the entire community.


Antelco Corporation will be attending Cannacon, Cannabis Cultivation Conference, and Interchange.

Likely to attend Indo Expo …

All seem to offer very good B2B opportunities.


My wife and I attended the CannaGrow Expo in Denver this last October! It was our first time ever going to a convention or expo of that nature before; we actually were invited as guests on behalf of @VividGro and @rshipley (thanks Randy!) We didn’t attend as a booth (just walked the show) and we attended both days.

I thought the show was incredibly informative from a grower standpoint to be able to see all these products and services all put together in one area and to go booth to booth and get the information direct; it was exactly what I was looking for to fill that curiosity and innovation appetite (and there were some truly cool and innovative things there!)

From a business standpoint we had gone with the intentions of networking/scouting for our product testing program (in fact if any of you were there we possibly spoke) and came out of there with a stack of business cards the size of a big mac. Strictly from an “ice breaker” standpoint it was the best version of speed dating you could ever hope for (that didn’t end with a weird “Dear Diary” entry.) Very effective networking!

I did have a few constructive things to say upon leaving but my experience is limited with shows of this type so to be fair I may be a bit biased on my feelings there.

To share a bit of an inspiring story, as we were leaving CannaGrow we walked out the doors and had been talking to a few people standing outside about autoflowers. This guy approaches me and says “you look like someone I should introduce myself to,” hands me his card and it’s Dave Martin, National Sales Director for the Indo Expo Trade Show! So he put the idea in our head and we may hit up Indo Expo as well, sounds like a few of you are already going to be there (Denver show?) That’s the power of a handshake and a business card!

A few of my administrators with AFN and I will be attending CannaCon in Seattle this February '18 as well, really excited to go and see how they are setup and hopefully will have a chance to meet many of you!