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Ever Get Rejected By Social Media For Cannabis Advertising

Ever Get Rejected By Social Media For Cannabis Advertising?

We have quite a few times, and we fought back…even had to sue Facebook in Federal District Court in San Francisco once.

However, as a service provider [CPA Firm] to cannabis businesses [touching plants] we have prevailed with both.
Our back and forth with Facebook is summarized in Facebook Advertising Dings Cannabis Regulators

and a prior post is on Linkedin as **Facebook Wants War Over Advertising Services to California Cannabis Industry**

and finally Promoting Cannabis Services @Twitter

The short answer…if Facebook, Google or Twitter rejects your content, you need to keep hammering on them.


Great advice, and it’s totally random what is allowed on FB or not. I was able to run an ad on facebook to a cannabis-interested audience promoting a blog post about cannabis brand marketing, and it was approved. It was only a small test, but I was surprised it was allowed, as it clearly discussed cannabis marketing in the post. shrug