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Exhibiting at MJBizCon? Further market research options

Hey there!

It’s such a busy time for events that I looked up and just realized that MJBizCon in Las Vegas is a month and a half away!

I had a wonderful chat with @Growernick and recently @Kareenabis420 as well…fellow service provider members, you are in such good hands with this amazing crew! Thanks to conversations with both of them I’m not only reminded of this upcoming event in Vegas, but I feel comfortable putting some more content out here from our site - this one’s all about how staff members can monitor the customer experience at trade shows and conferences (like MJBizCon). You already know that they can run your booth, shake some hands and get some email addresses…but there’s more!

Have yourself a weekend read, and contact me if you have any questions or want to run an opinion by me…I know that the planning alone is as hectic and electrifying as the lights and noise in Vegas. Let’s make some NOISE for your brand. Here’s how those promo models and brand ambassadors help you suss out the market…