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Experience with the current culture h20 system

Hello again. Ive been posting a lot of questions as of late and thought perhaps I should start this one with a thank you for all the help and encouragement. Ive appreciated it all.
I am searching for the best and most reliable DWC system on the market. Through countless hours of scouring the internet and related magazines I think the best option currently is from the company Current Culture. I am hoping to gather some opinions and reviews first hand on how the system performs, any issues that arise, and how well the nutrients perform that are manufactured by current culture. Also would you recommend any optional or additional equipment be added to the system? Perhaps the system is good but the nutrients could be better? I won’t be able to move into the new facility on till the new year but will be picking up something to put a small system in a space we currently have made in our existing building to trial run a smaller version of whatever the final system we decide on. Would anyone know of a DWC system that deserves to be considered as well? Thanks again


Hi there! I would highly recommend the undercurrent system. Their team/ support is excellent as well. Their nutrients are ideal for their system too. Our Fertmax line is very very comparable to Cultured Solutions if you are looking to save a little dough. Check out our Instagram page for tons of photos of users in a DWC system using our food. You will be plesantly surprised! @cleangrow


A few tips on that totally awesome DWC system:

-Keep the water temps at optimal levels (around 68°F). Pythium is easily kept at bay just by maintaining proper conditions. If you are in a hot climate, you may want to invest in a chiller. Here’s a link to some chillers.

-Reverse osmosis water seems to produce the best results with the UnderCurrent system. It’s worth investing in good RO system. Here’s a link to some systems at Growers House.

-Clean, simple fertilizer lines do well in this system. The line from the manufacturer works great, but I have also seen some amazing crops with simple salt lines like Veg+Bloom.

All in all, this is a pretty great sysytem. I hope this info helps.

Happy Growing!


This is very true! For a better result, look into Dakine 420 for a great consistent healthy crop. 100% Soluble which will help keep things clean like they should be.


@clong from Current Culture might be able to help out here.


Thanks everyone. I’ve decided to pick up a system to try here before i invest fully. I will definitely pick up a chiller and look thoroughly into the nutrients mentioned. Thanks again for the great advice.