Experienced Cannabis Buyer/Manager


I now have the opportunity to open up my services to the Legal Rec market. After a brief stint getting one rec place going this past Winter, I am happy to say I am available once again.

I am curious though as to what different shop owners look for in a Buyer/Manager?

I am also curious of the experiences different Farmers have dealing with a Buyer or Manager of a rec shop or dispensary? I know they are all different but I would like to know what you hate and love about doing business, from your point of view.


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Hi Marques,

I am a vendor to the cannabis industry world wide even though I live in Washington. I supply packaging machines and packaging to the cannabis industry. I would like your opinion on packaging. www.meridianmerchandising.com
Chris Helm


Sure, what would you like to know?

I can tell ya from my experience that it’s got to be cost effective to the farms. Mylar bags seem to be the cheapest option for farms so that they can roll that cost into the cost per gram at a cheap rate. Usually a .10 to .15 mark up. HOWEVER, retail shop owners and industry professionals are trying to move away from those bags due to the amount of waste and buds lose Terps just sitting in that bag while in inventory rooms. Glass jars are the way of the future because I am seeing recycling programs pop up in the city (Seattle). Glass protects the Cannabis from damage that retail stores will cause to them by prepping them for inventory and moving them around in inventory. In addition, Cannabis continues to cure better in glass, I’m sure you’re aware of that already. Big farms that still package in Mylar are starting to see less order amounts.

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