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Experienced Farmers South CA

Anyone knows a Cannabis farmer (At least 5 years growing experience) who sells their own product?

This isn’t a site to buy cannabis. Try budbay for that. This site is for professionals in the industry and aspiring growers.

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Thank you for helping

Your statement wasn’t clear… Make us know your legit


We are based in Los Angeles





Yes how can I help youl

I’m looking into going into business with my husband. I was wondering if you gained your clientele through “word of puff” lol or was it the best option to open an actual store ?

Make you know I’m legit exactly how ? Lol , if you don’t personally sell your own product (or own a dispensary) then there isn’t much for me to prove to you

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:joy::joy: are you saying I’m coming off as a cop ? Lol how exactly?

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Cool, do you farm yourself or are you a partner ?

Your product is the only thing that speaks. Staying on and ahead of the hype train works best. Find a good grower. Use good genetics. Developed your own exclusive lines that no one has. And of course best prices in your area, all contribute to success.


That was very well said brother :seedling::herb::palm_tree::+1::call_me_hand::facepunch:


Do you own a dispensary?

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Oh no, we haven’t gotten that far. We’re in the very early stages of becoming legit. My husband enjoys the “science” behind the business. He handles the growing, and improvements of his different strains. I’ve been handling the business side, networking and now looking into getting our cultivation license in California.

Just wanted to know what game plan did everyone create to place their business on the right tracks.

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Just what I told you. All the rest is cash cash cash. If you are looking for professional help consult my friend John Downs at Arcview. They are the best at business development.

My ties are extremely deep in the cannabis world. Its all about who you know. Make a wrong move in your planing and its a wrap.

Thanks for the help

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