Experienced grower needed for grow operation in Europe

Hello growersnetwork,

We are looking for an experienced grower who is taking a leading role in our grow operation in Portugal.

We want to grow in a sealed environment greenhouse and most likely hydroponically(Rockwhool).
We will hold Motherplants and start from clones.

Experience in legal grow operations is preferred but not a necessity, if you can prove you skills and knowledge with some references.



I’m interested but I’d need to know a whole lot more about your operation first.


Hello Maralti,

thanks you for your Message.
Of course we can discuss the Project in Detail.
I would suggest that we organize a Meeting.

Please send me some possible Times via Email, so I can send you an invite.

Best regards


What is the operation size in sq. m. ? I might be able to help find a good person, depending on the scale.

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