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Experiment center specialized in cannabis

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an experiment center which study cannabis cultivation. I am a horticultural engineer in apprenticeship, so I study and work for a company as the same time. I am in the Richel company, which design and build greenhouse, to be the the agronomical cannabis specialist there, but I am quite new in this world and my knowledge is focused on general horticulture and medicinal plants (for essential oil).

So I need to define what is best way to produce cannabis. But as you know there are multiple way to grow cannabis. So I need to analyse and sort all the information I have to create a model of growing and then a model of greenhouse, specific to cannabis.

To do that, I am looking for some scientific experiments about cannabis growing which study the different settings of a cannabis cultivation (densities, medias, growing supports, nutrients…).

If any of you know some experiment/research centers about cannabis cultivation, please let me know.

Thank to all!


A great place to start learning about professional cannabis cultivation is Growers Network University :man_student:


Ok then, I’ll check it there a little bit more. Thank you