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Extraction room flammable compounds

Hello everyone,

I am the Project Manager for the facility construction for indoor cultivation of Cannabis in Alberta, Canada. I am trying to find feedback on the extraction room.
I have the Supercritical CO2 equipment and the distillation equipment in this room. The Chief Scientist says he will have 30L of Ethanol exposed to the environment in the room for 2 to 3 hours a day. As this is a flammable product I would like to know how growers classified this room to comply with electrical code.
Thanks for any feedback. I can be reached also by cell 587.228.5892


Great question @luzelena! @LabOwner, @LabEmployees , @ExtractionEquip and some of our @EquipManufacturers and @EquipSuppliers all may be able to help answer your question about your volatile hydrocarbon extraction lab requirements. Can we get a little help, GN family?

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Ethanol Alcohol is flamible. There is a risk of explosion and other safety issue when it comes to any extraction. Pure Ethanol has a flashpoint around 61F. Static electricity or carbon fibers can all contribute to Ka-Boom in a lab.
There are things you can do to help ventilate the room and take precaution. Overhead fume extraction and check with your local Laws about fuming the chimney stack outside with or without filtering.
We use Cryo, Ultrasonic, Ehthanol Extraction and even though it’s closed system there is always a risk of explosion. Be safe and extraction technology has changed alot so keep up in the game. I’m no expert in extraction but I can put you in contact with our extractors that specifically deal with Ethanol Alcohol.
Kyle M


We specialize in explosion proof environments, please reach out if you have any questions, Pepper @ 951.252.2994


Thanks Kyle. Sure please send me the contact.

Very appreciated


Thanks a lot. I will contact you tomorrow.


Hello there

We can help you with your equipment needs for much of your lab as well.

Or you can give me a call at the office

Best of luck with the project