EZ-CLONE Results! Commercial & University Cultivation Feedback

EZ-CLONE has spend nearly the last two years, teaming up with some incredible people, who were nice enough to help us with our R&D for our new Commercial Pro System. We initially developed 30 units, 5 of which we kept in house for our own R&D, the other 25, we donated to large scale cultivators & universities - such as University of Reno Nevada & UC Davis.

We gave no guidelines or suggestions on how to use the system. We asked that everyone using it, do as they please - this way we could ensure the best and most eclectic amount of information could be collected.

The feedback was incredible and has since helped us further develop and fine tune this monster cloning system.

Below you’ll find the feedback from various users & their experience with using our Commercial Pro Cloning Machine. We’ve since made some additional revisions and upgrades, and we look forward to bettering this system as we continue to move forward! Feel free to reach out with any questions, we’d be happy to help. Thanks everyone, much love!

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Looks like some great feedback! Is there any advantages or disadvantages of using coco collars versus the foam material collars in these cloning systems?


Most notably, coco is eco-friendly & transplantable. It’s perfect for the “green” gardener! They’re comprised of virgin coco fibers & organic latex. Not only are these coco collars 100% transplantable, but they’re designed to allow for superior root structure and growth. Not only will the cuttings root as normal, but they will also be able to root within the collar, providing excellent structure for your cuttings as they continue to grow.



A while back, while working at a hydro store, and EZCLONE only had the one/two machines in their line-up a sales rep explained to the science behind the misting sprayers and process of ezclone … I must have sold at least a solid 100 ezclone machines over the time I worked there … THIS THING WORKS

My one question and tell me if anyone else has seen this is the following … I know many use cloneX Or Azos as a cutting tip starter or whatnot but I have never done this … I fill my Rez with water and a scoop of azos then 1 week later change water and add cloneX about
5/7 mls … in all my time doing this I’ve lost maybe a handful of clones…saying 5 would be a lot …

My thought is this … when you cut a clone, no two ways about it you are shocking the plant a bit and cutting it from its nutrient supply… so the azos is the immediate N fix the plant suddenly got cut off from … as the plant can and does absorb this over a week/4 days it’s starting to try and produce roots naturally thus self inducing the hormone to trigger for root development… when I go to change my water and add cloneX the addition of these hormones speed up this process but they aren’t binding to nothing and not starting on an empty canvas…

Anyways that’s my theory love to hear other processes and thoughts …