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F1’s for fun. How many of you grow out one run of seed stock?

How many of us cross cultivars just once? No back breeding. No inbreeding. Just an F1 run?

I Make tons of one offs with zero back-breeding. And get amazing results. I’m not sure taking 2-5-10 years to perfect a cultivar is worth it.
This is a weed after all. And if you have good Gens from day one, do you need to spend half a decade “back/inbreed)?

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F1s are where the excitement is for sure. Putting two strains together and running 10-20 of those F1s for a pheno hunt is the best it gets for me. Stablizing for a few more generations is not something I pursue very often but something I have the utmost respect for.


I used to do more stabilization with my crosses. But then after getting into the legal industry, I was left with less and less time to really work on it at home. So now it’s just for the fun of making new cultivars. And passing them around to friends.