Fast, Affordable, and Accurate In-House Gender Testing Now Available


Only Plant Females

Identify male cannabis and/or hemp plants just days after germination with the FemINDICAtor qPCR Plant Gender Detection Assay and the Chai Open PCR.

Order your FemINDICAtor® & Chai Open qPCR Starter Bundle today and save on resources and canopy space this season by only planting females!

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Accurate & Easy

Sex Testing is about accuracy, and the FemINDICAtor qPCR Plant Gender Detection Assay consistently delivers results with an accuracy rate at or above 98%. A simple hole punch a boil prep produces enough DNA to run the assay, which can deliver results in less than two hours. Learn More

Portable & Affordable

The Chai Open PCR instrument delivers accurate results at less than half the cost of a traditional qPCR instrument. It’s also robust and portable enough to take into the field. Built like a tiny tank and weighing only 4 kg, it’s easy to transport, and can run anywhere you have power.