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Fast Thinking Grower Rids Plants of Japanese Beetles!

We came across the light’s attraction by accident… we were not expecting what happened. The lights were being used to repel spider mites and aphids from some cannabis plants. A few of the growers reported that the Japanese Beetles were flying into the light itself. The aphids and spider mites were being repelled.

One quick thinking grower took matters into his own hands. When he saw the beetles flying into the light and falling onto the floor… he placed a bucket full of water where the insects were falling. This method worked very well. His only complaint was that the he had to keep changing the water. Once there were enough beetles in the water… the live ones were landing on the dead ones… and taking off. The grower was not concerned. He watched the same beetles come out of the bucket and again fly into the light.

Not suggesting you use a bucket of water… but suggest you use the same method that the researchers used to capture the whiteflies… double sided film tape or scorpion tape that can be purchased at a Home Depot or Lowes.

Keep in mind that this method will work outdoors as well as indoor. Since the insects are attracted to the light… you will not be using as many lights. I recommend that you try a single light first. Once you are satisfied that the light works… then I recommend that you place a bank of lights beneath a film coated translucent plexiglass.

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