Faster than ordering pizza

What if I told you adding green-power and security was easier than satisfying the munchies?

View a time-lapse of an actual deployment and see how quick and easy it is to deploy: Rapid Outdoor Security.

Expanding outdoor surveillance coverage and power for agricultural devices for is typically time-consuming and costly due to the required permits and trenching. Imagine a world where security can be deployed before your delivery pizza arrives.

V5 Systems has developed the world’s first self-powered, turnkey security solution that be deployed within 30 minutes per unit. These solutions include:

· 24/7 video surveillance

· Video analytics to detect objects of interest

· License plate reading

· Acoustic gunshot detection

V5 Systems technology has won 18 awards in the last 16 months, including the 2018 Security Sales & Integration MVP Award for its self-powered, portable acoustic gunshot sensor technology.

Do you have outdoor security concerns and have 15 minutes to connect? If there’s someone else that should speak with me, would you forward this e-mail and copy me? Thanks in advance!