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Favorite Products

It’s nice to be a producer, but sometimes it’s just fun to be a consumer! I just wanted to share one of my favorite products from the weekend. A Keef Cola a day keeps the mind engaged! These babies are a blast, but be careful! I like one at night for a restful evening and to unwind from the busy day (my alternative to a ccold beer).

What favorite consumer products are you enjoying?


lmao! These are super good! I can’t believe how hard a 100mg cola hits compared to a 100mg chocolate bar. You are right, be careful! lol.

I really enjoy the highly edibles gummies from CannaPunch right now. They are 25mg each (250mg container), different fruit flavors, vegan friendly, and no weedy taste (I think they are made with distillate). They are super delicious, and consistent. I really like em!


No kidding! The two of us actually drank all of those that night. Whoops! Still feeling it a week later!


I have a love hate relationship with edibles. I love the concept of them, I hate the fact that I have not been able to find a correct dosage for me.
This last weekend my fiance and I tried chocolate dipped oreos, freaking delicious first off. Each had 75MG of a 1:1 THC:CBD. Downed two of those bad boys and barely felt a buzz. Now I
know I’m a fluffy guy but the idea of going higher than 200MG in one shot…I just don’t know.
That’s one of the things we really lack up here in the great white north, good edibles. You guys really have that stuff figured out.


Honestly, besides the colas it takes me a good 200mg to get a good high off an edible. I’m 6’6 270lbs, so that might help a bit.

I absolutely love downing a 250-350mg edible and hitting the hiking trails. It’s a lot of fun!


Maybe I should just grow a pair and dive on in eh!?


I can appreciate that for sure! Whenever trying a new edible I recommend taking a few bites and waiting to see the effects. I’m a big dude too so I always feel like I’m going to need more of the edible to achieve the efect I’m seeking…yeah…that’s not an absolute truth.

Take it easy until you are familiar with how they hit you, then dose accordingly.

In AZ, during the infancy of Prop 203 we were able to model much of our businesses on existing concepts. With that in mind, our edibles market blew up pretty much as soon as we had dispensary licenses. It’s super cool to see how the edibles market has gained momentum and found itself a pretty big piece of the market share. New products emerge daily!

With Canada going rec, I imagine you will see more of edibles up North. Please keep us informed on new products hitting the market, especially your favs!

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Yes Bryan, dive right in.

The strangely low mg “limits” in some US states (25mg) are typical protectionary measures. I’m only 5’7" and 165# and usually feel nothing up to 100mg if not 200mg. For me and my friends dosing at 500-1,000mg is not out of the question.

Like everything we know about CBD/THC it depends on your experience and tolerance. The worst that can happen is a nap.


Truth! Unlike taking too many opiates (where the unfortunate side effect is a forever nap), overdosing on an edible just sends you into a restful slumber - and in my case - a looooong ganja hangover! Worse things have happened :smile:

I’m wondering if, like Andrew, you’ve noticed a difference between liquid and solid edibles in their effect? I’m sort of on the fence, but now that he mentioned it, I think I prefer my edibles in a liquid or sublingual form. Any thoughts?