Fedora 17 female seeds for CBD

I need help as the planting season approaches …
I’m looking to buy a Fedora 17 female seed for planting for CBD and starting a major operation in Serbia.
The best I have found is from Greenpassion.ch but only regularly seeds.
A friend tells me that there are several places in Switzerland to buy Fedora 17 female seeds, but these stores are not available online on the Internet and because of this situation in the world they are closed…
Thank you all in advance for your response and help :muscle: :green_heart:

Hey @hemp welcome

I actually thought this post was a joke at first, Fedora is Red Hats (linux) sister operating system (all computer related stuff)

Fedora I believe is a a monoecious genotype


Dioecious is a condition in which male and female reproductive organs are found on two different plants.

Monoecious is a condition when male and female reproductive organs are found on the same plant but on two different branches.

Hermaphordite is a condition in which a flower contains both androecium and gynoecium whorls.

Perfect flower contains both stamens and carpels and is described as bisexual or hermaphroditic.


Bad @piper, because of you, I learned about a whole new side of cannabis I had no idea about… :nerd_face: :rofl:


I also know it’s an operating system :slightly_smiling_face:

“Fedora 17 is a French industrial hemp plant which has been successfully grown for some time in the whole European Union. Hempfarmers use this variety mainly for the production of hempfiber but also for oil production which offers a great taste and a lot of nutrients. Fedora 17 is also used for CBD production as it can reach relatively high levels of cannabidiol. This variety called Fedora 17 (or selected phenotypes) was one of the first to be launched in Switzerland in the form of CBD blossoms. Fedora 17 is currently listed in the official EU catalog of cultivars and these hempseeds are certified seeds from the official manufacturer.”

and Yes, in 2016 have made a real boom in Switzerland with this species, the rest is history…

and everyone played with this seed a little…

maybe take it DNA seed testing services :slightly_smiling_face:

I ask for help because of this situation in the world with Corona Virus Circus…

No problem from me to take regular seeds and after month, two, to remove the males,but this would save me time and money, but one never wonders about the price when you love something :green_heart:

Thank you for your reply :muscle: :green_heart:


I wish you luck and success in your journey (I’m a debian sid person :slight_smile: )


Welcome @hemp. I was going to suggest Dinafem genetics, but it looks like they’re not taking new orders at this time. They have alot of amazing genetics that are Fem and have lab certifications for their most popular strains. ILGM and True North Seedbank have Fem CBD strains and are currently fulfilling orders.
I hope this helps you out. Good luck!