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Feeding a Ruderalis with ph neutral Rose Water ? Sugar free and floral notes?

Hi peeps! So I’ve been reading lots of crazy threads where people have been feeding fruit juice to their plants. Beside soaking the bottom of a branch in fruit juice once its harvest time, there are not many options out there. It doesnt give a great result when smoked, if there was too much sugar in the water mix and since sugar burns, it would caramelize and give a harsh taste when smoked. So since I am growing pure Ruderalis landrace, it has a rich earthy, tribal taste, how crazy would it be to feed it a highly diluted neutral rose water here and there during flowering and harvest to give some kind of floral notes ? It has no sugar so no chance to alter the medium or to get mold /bacteria I presume.
Here are our two candidates. 15 days [image] since the first 1 finger set of leaves fully develloped.
The one on the right has been FIMmed once it’s second set of 5 finger leaves showed up.
I have a very tight schedule but I am trying to see if a warmer environnement and love can produce a performant FIMmed double cola Ruderalis if done in the middle of the second week. ^^
Any opinion or feedback about this would be great . ^

Thanks guys!

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