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Feeding Advices

Can you gave me any kink of advice for feeding plants, anything counts, it doesnt matter the level of the advice, i will search more information based on your comments :ok_hand:t3: thx for your time and good vibes :call_me_hand:t3:

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I suggest putting those solo cup plants back in veg and up-pot them as soon as the roots fill the cup so they don’t get root bound and turn brown. Remove the dead leaves from the pot. Remove yellow leaves before they crisp up. When you water mature plants, make sure to have at least 10 % runoff to help avoid nutrient build up/lock out. Plants love fresh circulating air. What kind of light are you using? How many watts? What are you currently feeding the plants? I suggest getting a ppm meter and a ph pen or ph test drops.


Yip as @kindbud says, give us some more information. Are those rooted clones in the cups on the left.


I already have ph and EC pens, i use a led panel 1000W
I’m using biofertilizer with microbes and bacterias

**And i using other nutrients more specific for nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium

I measure the EC for feeding i used 0.9us/cm for the little ones, the big one is a automatic plant in living soil, the other ones are clones and seeds with mycorrizae and bacterias, I have my timer in 18-6

I forgot to tag you but i answer with more information