Feeding Co2 to your plants

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I’ve seen many different types of ways to feed your plant co2 however I was wondering if you were to buy a 2 liter bottle of soda water and pour it into a diffuser, (you know the ones for essential oils) and put it next to your plant or fan. would it work? what are some of the most reliable affective ways to feed your plants co2?

I have an idea it may sound crazy but get some co2 tanks for a bb gun then use a whip it cracker to crack it and fill up balloons with it then close all your tent vents then release the co2 from the balloons through a small opening in the main zipper then close said zipper Idk know if it will work or not but in theory it should work

I have a co2 tank with a timer but dont know where to get the bottle filled


You can go to dicks sporting goods

Thanks I’ll be doing that tomorrow

Go google diy co2 for aquarium and make that in the soda bottle with air line tubing from pet store, yeast and sugar. Dont worry about bubble counter. That’s what I do in my rooms

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I have heard that you get co2 off gas furnace anyone ever hear anything like that?. I have been using the exhale 365 for the last 2 years and it seems to work well. As I am not a professional and have not done any side by side testing i don’t know if it really works or not. So far so good.

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Only works with a propane/natural gas furnace/hw heater,also need a mechanical device to control hm co2 u need and still need a co2 controller as well.

Ferment sugar and yeast and water cheap enough for a small space .makes lots of co2 if you dump half out and refill and add another cup of sugar to a 5 gal pail 3 times a day while lights on. Works well enough :+1:

thank you @hoppiefrog

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Np happy to help;)

Also I should mention, make sure there’s a fresh air supply to keep furnace/hw heater burning clean.if u don’t have enough oxygen it will not fully burn file and will create carbon monoxide as well as release unburnt fuel into the space.

@hoppiefrog thank you that is something I hadn’t though about usually leave door to upstairs open. Also house has Half basement half crawl space that has screened opening into basement its kinda funny construction built in 1945. Hoping this is sufficient for fresh air i also keep dehumidifier set at 60 in basement to control humidity in bloom room. and humidity in veg room is pretty stable . I have partitioned the back 5th of basement into two spaces the warmer one is veg and cooler one is bloom. I got real lucky so far with temp and humidity stability.

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The answer made here about the aquarium co2 is my favorite too. Google the instructions, it’s A simple 2cup sugar, 1/2 tsp regular baking yeast and 1tsp regular baking soda recipe for a 2L bottle that needs some extra steps for activation, once it’s going you connect some airline hose and use a little airline tap/Fawcett to control how many bubbles per second are being produced (place the tip of the hose in a glass of water to check this). Then place the tip of the air hose near a fan in your grow to disperse the co2. Make sure to take it out at night or place it outside where co2 can’t contaminate your home or over suffocate your grow during lights out. It’s nowhere near what a co2 bottle and regulator can do but it will definitely enrich the air a bit more with co2.

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@mouse935 idk how I didn’t think about this lol little for me, a little for my plants. jk all for my plants


If your in the states any air gas will fill your co2 tanks. I use the tanks in my small rooms and for blasting oils and such. I use a big lp 10 burner unit connected to a controller in my big grows.

Yea welding supply store will tell you where to fill. Tell them its for your coke machine or beer and watch them smile at your uncomfortable ass( thats how I used to take it when I was younger ). Just paranoia…they don’t know sh*t.

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Hahahaha I was the same way back in the day. Id drive an hr plus to the next town up too. I always said it was for my kegerator hahaha no one ever asked why I was filling 4 bottles at a time. Hahahaha I used to get so nervous that they would start asking me questions that I actually built a kegerator Just in case. Hahahahaha looking back,they didn’t give a crap. Hahahaha it was all in my head. Lmao

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Holy shit exactly! The security measures i used to take were what I used to call KGB evasion level tactics. Hahaha in the end I would drive approximately 45 minutes to detect a tail then park and bicycle the rest of the way to my OP. Friends and associates always thought I was crazy but on paper I’m an angel and most of them are in jail haha