Feeding mother plants

Hello all

does anyone feed their mothers any bloom nutrients in super diluted form?

I have never done this and would usually introduce these in lower does towards the end of veg before flower…

Just looking for any feedback with regards to people who insist this needs to be done/ see a huge change when they don’t do it/ have like me, never done it or seen a need for it.

The only reason I can think of is before cloning to encourage rooting but I can’t say rooting is an issue with regular hormone treatment.



This is a good place to start for mother maintenance.


I treat mothers like breeding pairs. Micro and Macro. Calmag. Maybe that’s about all.
So the reasoning is. Dont waste neuts on males is a given. The female breeder doesn’t really need much,we just try to keep her healthy and happy. The mothers I wouldn’t see adding flowering nuets. However in a good feeding schedule all NPK is present in what ever percentage. So as I think of it. I dont think it would hurt.
Give it a try and report back. I’m sure the other members might have some interest as well as input