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Fem seed with silver question

I made some feminized seeds using silver to create pollen on a female plant and pollinated another female. My timing was a little off but in the end ‘success’…I ended up with about 40 seeds. Out if 40 only about 10 popped and I kept 8.

I put them into bloom about 2 weeks ago and I notice that a few seem to be male. I know its impossible to have any males using this method but then I guess they could be hermies? All my growing conditions are good so I wonder how they would end up hermy?

I was happy thinking my silver experiment was a success and was very excited to see these ladies in bloom. Has anyone tried silver to create female seeds? Does this sound possible (hermie)? How could this happen?



Its not impossible. If you didn’t treat fully. And do full treatments. Getting males is a very real chance. Well as much as a female anyway

Well I started with a female plant and applied silver into bloom until pollen sacs appeared. Then ised that pollen to pollinate another female.
There is no male chromosomes so how can you end up with males from those seeds?

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You are right in saying that they should not have a male chromosome.

They should be female, and produce female pollen, but the plants you’ve bred might not handle stress well and could hermie on their own. That’s the only real explanation I can think of.

Congrats on breeding your own fem seeds, though. That’s not a small project to take on!