Feminized CBD seeds

Best seedbank for CBD seeds?!!


@strainly should be able to help you locate some great genetics but I’d be interested to hear where other @growopowners and @mastergrowers are sourcing their CBD genetics. Happy hunting!

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Hey @morg420

These are the high CBD genetics currently listed on Strainly. They come from various members who have built a solid reputation. You’ll need to sign up to see content.

Please don’t hesitate if any question

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There’s a listing on hempdepot.ca :

as well, look at poetryofplants IG thread, he had a post for some bulk CBD on April 17

… and of course, Strainly.io is a great resource

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we have had our best luck in genetics working with other growers. we are developing in-house genetics and know how much work it takes but that’s where the unique and interesting, marketable genetics seem to be coming from. The best genetics seem to trade hands through relationships at the early stages of a hot new variety.

I have a decent stock of CBD Crew and Mr. Nice seeds I would be willing to share with growers interested in growing them. Nothing really new but they are properly developed genetics. I’ve grown most of them and they are stable genetics with some nice ratios within the phenotypes up to 21:1. All in original packaging.

I’m just a grower and not in the seed business. I’d be interested primarily in trading. If not, a reasonable price. Mostly I think it would be great to see more of these on the market. We’ve been disappointed in some other seeds we’ve tried. Finding CBD plants that yield nicely and give it consistent numbers has been a challenge at least for us.

If you’re interested I could put a list together… Shoot me a note.




Hey guys,

we run a large scale cbd operation in Switzerland too, im also hunting new stable strains. if you have any recommendations about which and where to source new genetics than we have here in Switzerland, would be more then welcome :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dutchflowers Magazine
CEO Origin International


Check these people out…


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These guys have 3 CBG strains and you can buy online!! cbgseedsource.com
I used a promo code launch2021 for 20% off.
good luck peeps!