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Feminized Pollen

Hey everyone. I was just having a discussion about feminized pollen with my partner and I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on this . Are you using it? Do you know people that are for making their own feminized seeds? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


I also want to talk on this topic, but apparently there are no experts on the forum!

Calling @Geneticists, @GrowOpEmployees, @growopowners, and @mastergrowers: what are your thoughts on feminized pollen? Have you used it? What were your results?

I located one within my network. Once I discuss, I will respond here to get the thread going. I will keep you updated @rastaded.



what chemicals are you using to feminize?


Colloidal Silver usually from what I’ve read.


Colloidal silver is the standard but does not have 100 percent efficacy for turning ladies into donors. There are several different options and combinations to experiment with.

I am pretty new to all of this but it seems that if you had well vetted pollen generated from stable Female dominant stock, you should be able to store it and dust genetics as you please.

There are lots of forums to check out i.e. Reddit, rollitup etc that may provide more information but it is a deep rabbit hole. Best bet is to get a textbook on plant genetics - “An introduction to plant breeding” by Brown and Caligari is approachable

If you are serious serious- hire a consultant with a proven track record. Genetics math is hard!


There will be herms in the progeny

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