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Fert mix foaming

So I work for a greenhouse and we changed suppliers for our fert and now it is foaming up. We narrowed it down to the calcium nitrate. Is this normal or do we need to do something different?

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Calcium nitrate is straight chemical, kills, and you might have NUKED your system. It’s also possible Calcium Nitrate reduces foam since it’s an antagonist. Gosh darn CalMag devil!
Not joking. Sure it makes plants green.

Also, to change the subject, some nutes are not designed for hydro or aeration and will make a big mess if you put any air to it. hahah.
Or the manufacture has a soil and a hydro version which is a crock of doo doo in my opinion.

What else did you use? Amino Acids? Proteins? Microbes? Enzymes?
How about Humic Acids? What did you use?
Are you using air? Can you control the air? Breeewing? Did you notice the reservoir go nuts after the 2nd or 3rd day of brewing?
There is good foam and there is bad foam. Bad foam means you NUKED.
If it’s the good foam, that’s a good thing.
Hope this doesn’t’ confuse you.
Use a Cyclone Tea Brewer and you won’t have a mess and you tea will stay in suspension.
Homogenous. I think I spelled that right?
Kyle M


You need to be more precise what did u mix , some chemicals they dont go together lets say like Calcium NItrate with sulfates and phosphates.

Sometimes the chemicals foam from aggressive and fast mixing …


I always let my nose tell me what is healthy microbes, smells bad/like anything off setting unless brewing yeast it’s trash. Smells like dirt it’s solid!!:+1::+1: Tks for the responses friends



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What is in the nutrient mix?
Molasses has been known to foam in hydro.


Lol. I didn’t realize this was a pure thc forum. But it’s for tomatoes and my mix is calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate. I think it’s whatever bonding agent they used gathering at the top of the mix. On a closer look it’s more of a grease and less of a foam. The new supplier probably gave me a dry fert instead of what I actually asked for. I’m going to monitor everything with this mix and if I have any issues.
On another note I would love to grow thc products but because my company is so close to the federal government we can’t. I so appreciate the info given and I apologize for my panic post here.

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What I was about to say…lol… molasses when aerated foams like mad if over loaded…lol…and hey tomatoes and weed are similar and be grown the same way… I always tell people if you can grow tomatoes you can grow weed…lol…

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Yeah I didnt know who to tag for this one.

Friends at Eternal Health Herbs have Some examples of foam from vegan compost tea.
The smell of victory.
1st photo is from today, they have 12 75 gallon reservoirs all brewing and foaming compost tea.
We use base nutes (calcium nitrate) lightly in this system.


So foam is a natural occurrence?

you could use an anti foam (surfactant breaker) to get rid of the foam…lol…

When brewing beer, the initial fermentation is associated with a massive foam layer. Similar thing happens when brewing compost tea(properly). All my dud teas have foamed very little if at all, lot’s of reasons why, always dialing


I also notice the more aerated the wort(when making beer) or compost tea/organic liquid fertilizer, the more active/rapid the initial activity

The forum covers hemp and cannabis and if you can grow those, usually can apply that to tomatoes and other softwoods like Zucchini and crush it all day.
I’m not sure what you mean by grease? Can you take a photo thank you.
Also, if you change up your order of addition, you can help prevent what you saw.
The nutes will stay in solution longer, better pH stability, and prevent dropping more nukes in your feed water.
CalMag and many Base Nutes = Calcium Nitrate and when you mix chemicals, order of addition can be important. For example Potassium Sulphate should go in 1st or it will nuke if you add later.
If you add chemicals later or even do top offs, it’s setting up for NUKE.
I can tell you fruiting and flowering plants don’t like that no matter what you eating.
Reservoirs are not just for cannabis.
What I’m saying is be careful with Calcium Nitrate it’s the DEVIL! For real!
Everyone look at your ingredients on everything you use.
If you see #1 ingredient Calcium Nitrate, think about that feeding your baby.
It’s a synthetic chemical form of Nitrogen that is bottled up and shipped all over the Globe and your produce will taste like it came from the big box grocery store.
Kyle M