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Fertigation Q&A Webinar + Win a Free HALO Wireless pH Meter

We will choose a participant live during the webinar to win a free HALO® Wireless Soil pH Meter. I predict your chances of winning being about 1 in 20 at best and 1 in 50 at worst - the meter is worth $225. @Consultants @Contractors I know you’re busy so leave it on in the background while you work for a chance to win!

Thursday, June 6 - Begins at 2pm ESTClick here to sign up for the webinar!

Mike Bogolawski designed Hanna’s original fertigation system over 20 years ago. He started building and installing them himself back in the 90’s (yes really) and now leads Hanna’s growing fertigation team. Mike will explain the advantages of pH/EC controlled fertigation versus volumetric and answer ANY questions you have for him live. You can also submit your questions to be answered before the webinar here. This is your chance to pick the brain of an expert in the field of fertigation.

Hanna’s fertigators are custom built in the United States!


Sounds like a great chance to win! Thanks for sharing, @hanna_groline


You’re welcome Nick! If anyone was unable to sign up with a gmail, hotmail, or AOL email address I have resolved that issue. You will be able to sign up now.


The webinar starts in 2 hours! Odds are still better than 1 in 50 - remember you have to be logged on and watching live to win. If you sign up afterwords we will send you the recorded video.