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Fertilizers in your Grow

What do you uses as your fertilizer source for your Grow? Please give some detail.

What do you grow in soil, soil-less compost or hydroponics variations.

What is your biggest concern about nutritional product evaluation?

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This question is as personal as choosing your socks in the morning!

I prefer organic sources and building coco-based super soils using natural amendments, adding worm castings rich in fulvics and humics, with perlite or hydroton for aeration. I can brew teas occasionally to incorporate more microbial life and additional NPK and follow that with microbial and enzymatic inoculations. I have found the key to success with these soil blends is TIME. After mixing a coco blend, I like to give a good, long rest period (like two or three months). The cool aspect about this process is I can cleanse and re-use my medium indefinitely. I have been using my coco blend for over three years with no degradation or phytotoxic effects. The teas are cheap and easy to brew.


My only problem with tea is scalability and the extra work I have to do to trirate my tea to know the big 4. NPKCa.

I reused our hydroponic base for seven years. Just had to be washed once a year.

As you know I like less moving parts. My perferd mix for soiless is metromix 510. For Canabis I would most likely use 510 with juveniles and my finish pots metromix 810 nursery mix. Really good for big plants.

Plants will grow to the size of the container. It is my second favor natural growth regulater and probably my first choice for canna. I don’t want any stress or until I decide.

I only have one big problem is coco fiber in the mix. It plays havic as a nitrogen sink in the grow. The coco fiber is trying so hard to break done it hold some of the nitrogen we feed. Basket growers have seen this for decades.

As for microrysi, I want them as part of my mix from day one this is why I like composted pine bark. It the best of the soiless amendment I have ever found.

I would bet any slow release calcium source is problibly a plus diatimatus earth because it is known to increase root hairs.

For feed you know my thoughts. Buy inorganic fertilizer and spend more time growing and less time cooking. Work life balance is really important. The last thing you are going to say on your death bed is “oh I should have worked more”

The people at Peter’s would likely give you the feed of your choice just for asking.

I would pic one of there calcium nitrate feed for the vegetative cycle and one of there bloom boosters for the preflower phase and the early flower phase slowly switch back to a vegetative feed and finish with no feed just clean water.

I want my one and only stressor in the grow to be the shift I say length.

From the voices in my head


HGV Nutrients. While I am rather biased because I also make this line of nutrients, we use it in our commercial facility as well as having hundreds of other growers running it now. While the majority of my customers are running rockwool or coco as a growing media, I do have people using it in soil, other soilless mixes, as completely media-less systems such as NFT and DWC. I have been making these products for over 30 years and have spent thousands of hours testing different formulations on many different crops. There is no simpler or cleaner product out there at any price.


I love rockwool and love spray nutrition films root production.

Hydroponic style product in cannabis is going to give the best results in gram per sqft week. It’s all in the root hairs. Who will give me the best root hairs.

For me in the hydroponic world is can I buffer to 6.8 without creep higher or lower in my watering to watering. Buffering ends up costing me the most time managing.

I would love to read your labels.

Will you send them to me. Looking for the garrentee analysis.



Finally a fertilizer liable I like. Meets every check box for a good grow. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

H G V superior plant nutrition.

Ron, I owe you the nutrition papers from the ellat ag station Israel on cannabis nutrition for each life stage. They do promote an early start to bloom prep before flower instantiation. Then back to a more vegetative feed once flowers bud are visible. They do a trapper from flower feed to veg feed.

From the voices in my head


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call me bias. But I prefer RKAG into Coco soil. Each nutrient has amino and humic acids in it to keep the sodium buffered . allowing immediate nutrient take up . Also the carbon in the products help build holding capacity so that will help use overall less nutes


I just have not observed what you are seeing.