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Finally, cannabis business owners can apply for life Insurance to fund their Buy-Sell agreements & Key Man insurance needs

Do not let your cannabis business go up in smoke!

Are you a cannabis business owner or partner?


‘Key Person’ Life Insurance on a cannabis business owner, Partner or a ‘KEY’ employee. Life insurance benefit is used to replace or buy time to replace the deceased.
Buy/Sell Life Insurance for cannabis business owners and partnerships to fund the buy-out of a deceased partner. 

My 420 friendly insurers should they choose to accept anr application will take a personal check only. NO business checks accepted. The insurer would be aware this is a cannabis business case.

My name is Ken Kaufman (aka…‘CannaKen’) and in my 30+ years of industry experience, I have assisted countless business owners and individuals in planning for the future goals and needs of both their families and businesses with solutions tailor made for each specific situation. As the founder of both CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial Solutions, we are now able to assist you in the CANNABIS industry as well with their business planning needs. For additional information, please contact us:

Phone: Ken at 877-468-6584
Email: [email protected]

Group Health and Life Insurance & Supplemental Employee Benefits (payroll deduction) are also available as are personal life insurance quotes…


Can u tell me a symbol of a insurance company

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please clarify your question as I have no idea what you are referring to, sorry??

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