FInally controlled study about flushing!

I am not surprised about the results , whoever is growing on more serious level including testings it shouldnt be . Where are those growers who swear in flushing , Cannabis connoisseurs lol

OF COURSE IT DOESNT CHANGE ANYTHING ! You cant just change thing in a 7-14 days period , not so simple …


I’d love to see more studies. Unfortunately a nutrient company running a study that tells me to use more nutrients doesn’t give me the greatest confidence in their findings. They concluded that “The results of this trial indicate that there is no benefit to flushing Cannabis flower for improved taste or consumer experience.”

If I run a 10 week flower cycle and run pure water as a flush for 14 days I am saving 20% on bloom nutrients, compared to running a 0 day flush. That’s a huge savings, especially at scale. Saving 20% on non-labour inputs, and ending up with a statistically identical end product, is huge.

I would have thought the observed properties of 0 day flush would be much greater than the 14 day flush. In my mind it’s like starving a heavyweight fighter at the end of their training, just before the big fight. I figured good nutrition right up until the end would give the 0 day flush plants an edge.

Thanks for sharing. I hope there are more studies like this that others will publish.


If you feed nuets close to harvest you will taste it. I promise you. This is why we starve our plants in the last two weeks. As far as flushing meh idk. Depends on how badly you over feed. I see so many pics with burnt tips. That’s a sign of over feeding. Also fabric pot bois, you will notice a collection of salt on your pots. Not necessarily meaning over feeding. But it does show your holding salts in your root zone.
Try to do about 10% run off on your feed. I don’t bother with ppm or testing run off. Rather I check my “soil” PH this gives me a better idea of what’s happening in the rhizosphere.
Granted not every grower is using a soil type media. Those of you growing other ways might have other insight. Please share. Part of the reason I use the same media is its very forgiving. Hydro, DWC isn’t. My blend isn’t as slow as traditional soil. So I stick with it

TL;DR. Flushing might not be needed, depending on how discipled you are.


The chart with the yield is telling you that there is not change in production either , so i dont get your point about the creator of the study , it makes it even more trustful considering that fact !

Second, the point is about flushing the nutes and the quality , as i said it doesnt change anything !

I personally flush for the same reasons like you , i have never flushing with purpose to flush the nutes . People believe feeding is straightforward process , whatever i will feed the plant it will eat , there are so many things going on in the root zone,plant system and etc .


The point I was trying to make is that they said something like the best tasting end product according to their “secret panelists” was the one that used the most amount of nutrients. The fact that was the conclusion makes me want to see an independent study, one that was not paid for and completed by a nutrient manufacturer.


Funny enough, the study is no longer available on their website. It’s been removed in the last day.




Wonder why they took it down… :thinking:


Usually I am not active on this forum , bc it start like serious , professional and science based forum and become like every other cannabis forum . I believe administrators were supposed to filter comments or to make different sections .

If you are curious about flushing .

The study is not down , maybe the link is inactive , you can find the work from that study on internet from RX Green Technologies .

Here is another study :

People that work in the Horticulture and they know science they dont have doubts about flushing , the interactions in the medium and inside the plant are not that simple as people think i will put some water and it will be clean .


Or something more simple to understand