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First autoflower grow indoor

ok i have several beans of barney farms autoflowers trying to find an appropriate feeding schedule for them any suggestion im open.


What nutrients?


Barney’s farm is a good breeder, I haven’t tried their autoflowers yet. Nutrient schedules depend on the grow medium and the size of the plant, I hear autos take less nutrients to start off.

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idk yet wan to do coco but will use the black magic soil. im going to do 10 under 6 full spec 1200w led i know the black magic has good nuts but wondered if i use a medium like that do i even have to use additional nuts for such a short cycle70-85 days

I’m going to guess that each of those lights has an actual draw between 200-300 watts from the wall. What’s the size of your grow area? I’d say each light will nicely cover about a 2x2 area, if that actual draw is the case.

I don’t know anything about Black Magic, but if it’s hot, you could have some issues with your seedlings. If you could post a pic of the bag/label, that would be very helpful. You will most likely need bloom boosters of some sort.

I’ve noticed that weak lights and heavy nutes can cause burning, while strong lights and heavy nutes cause amazing growth. What will damage a plant under weak light, is a necessity under strong light.

I also recommend adding about 14 days to that cycle. :grinning: Save yourself frustration in the long run.


That is a great advice.

I know people that use Black Magic, from Home Depot, right? You should be fine just watering it until it gets stable. Its about as hot as Fox Farm Ocean Forest if you ask me. It has a good amount of nutrients in it, will probably keep the plants dark green for a minute.