First grow ever! Biobizz

Hey just looking for some possible help and or guidance. I have a indoor grow room I just built and I’m using Biobizz light mix and their recommended nutrient plan. I just began propagation in a propogatipn container W/ rock wool cubes and a t5 light but there were no roots coming out after a 48 hour germination any advice of next step?

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Welcome to the GN Family @bigibs
Hope you learn as much as we do here.
I’m a living soil outdoor grower.
Next step, keep doing what your are doing, include waiting. Some seeds take a bit longer to sprout.
Did you soak and sprout them first before going to the rockwool?
Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


I do find not necessary but it does allow you to keep a really close eye on what is going on… so I always use this step for that reason…