First Grow Ever. When to top where to cut?

Hi everyone! I’ve never done this before this is my first grow. Also first time posting.

I replanted this from a friend’s cutting 2 weeks ago. My questions are:

  1. I think I should be topping soon so when should I cut and where?
  2. Also I have a bottle of midas hydro rooting compound and was wondering what was the best way to do a poor man’s cloning with the top. Smear it on, let it set for a while and throw it in a mason jar 1/4 full of water indoor sunlight?
    Oops. Trying to attach a file but can’t see how
    Picture of Plant:

Additional Info; Thanks for any tips esp those that don’t require large purchases.
Strain: Gelato Pie Auto Flower
Growth: 2 weeks from replanting cutting
Environment: 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit (Phoenix Metro)
Natural Light: 12 Hours
Equipment: You’re looking at it.


If it’s an auto I wouldn’t top it they go into flower too quickly and sometimes don’t recover quickly enough before actually flowering


Thanks for the tip.
Looks like If I want more plants I’ll have to get some seeds / seedlings.
Is it worth trying to arrange some lights outside for an additional 4-6 hours light since mother earth is only giving me 12?


No problem, I’ve heard of people adding light/lights to keep outdoor in veg, how idk, but maybe start a new thread with that question there is a lot of knowledge around here.

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Agreed with the info on topping autos. Better of to not, especially first grow. Also as an auto it will do what it wants no matter what light you Give it. They do seem to be better on 18/6 not sure outdoors it would help much…jmho