First indoor grow ever. Opinions on topping and lst

Hey guys I got some autoflowers I’m going to attempt to grow and I was wondering what is your experience with low stress training and topping. From the research I’ve been doing the general consensus is topping isnt great for autoflowers because of their short life cycles and how long it would take for them to recover. So basically what I understand is low stress training is the way to go ? Any opinions on this?


is my go to method :slight_smile: but to each his own

grow and kill a couple hundred plants and you will have your method :wink:


How do you think it compares to low stress training for autos ?


most folks I have seen do not train Autos :slight_smile: I might try that as Autos hate me already

would not top Autos but your plant your choice


I think that is good advice, but LST your auto’s is a very good idea. They need the support at the end of flowering.


I run a lot of autos and personally don’t do anything to them. Just let them go , some light defoliation during flower for some better light penetration and better air flow. That’s it. Have had pretty good results , I have an auto that was made by a fellow grow buddy sitting at 51-1/2 inches tall and basically takes up 4x4 grow area in a tent , I run hydroponics so that helps with the growth, I’ve always been told , not sure whether it is true or not, that autos stress easy and tend to herm , which is why I just run them as is and so far no issues


This is the auto I have growing at the moment and she is a monster… almost ready to chop. Dosi Walker. dosi 33 x white walker ( Skylar white x white widow xxl)