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First Indoor Grow Room

Hey yall I have built 10x8 room put up 2 inch insulation board and panda film. Have 2 600 watt HPS lights. Will use 4 inch intake fan filter to bring fresh air in and 6 inch fan(390 cfm)filter to exhaust hot air out. Grow room is inside my 24x40 spray foam insulated metal building. Still cold so have heater inside grow room at the moment. My question is what controller should I use for intake and passive fans, 16 inch Hurricane wall mount oscillating fan, Humid and dehumidifiers, heater for now and have air conditioning unit for summer. I’m only running 1 600 HPS at 75% tell I see 3 sets of true leaves then will bump to 100% have 13 plants in 1gal pots at the moment. Will post some pictures of room when I get time. Any advice is much appreciated for rookie!
Thanks yall


There work really well and are affordable :

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Thanks @kapouic I looked at those didn’t no how accurate they were


@devjyarn told me about them. I haven’t push them to their limits, but they work really well for what I’m using them for! :nerd_face:

How big of room are using it in?

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It’s a tent. 60"x32"x80". But you would be more limited by what you plug into them than the controller themselves, imo.

The Inkbird controller’s work great! I use them in both my tents.

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wrong light, go to, and get better spectrum coverage for less wattage along with increased plant performance.

@thomas.mihalko Wrong light? How much would it cost me upfront for a LED with the same coverage and spectrum as 2 600 watt HPS? I agree over time LED will pay for its self but for a first time indoor grower who is starting out it’s not possible for middle class worker with a mortgage, kids,wife etc. But I’m listening what do you have to offer?


I’m curious. You have some very valid points @Hotload! :nerd_face:

Sweet, take some pictures!! Week 6 flower
here’s a video of my grow room