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First post, first no till organic grow!

First off let me say, thank you for having me and taking the time to read my post, I’m glad I checked my emails from advanced nutrients after the Lift expo to find out about the growers network.

This year I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and throw out all my bottled nutrients and move on over to organics and probiotic inputs such as Knf and No til.

Currently running 30 gallon pots with a soil mix containing Mycorrhizae,Bokashi, bone meal, blood meal, perlite, kelp meal, fish bone meal, Wollastonite, worm castings, basalt rock dust, gypsum, yucca, dolomite lime, alfalfa meal and humic acid.

For aeration I have A tiny bit of perlite , tons of pumice and rice hulls, my top layer I laid down fresh fish compost some more bokashi and malted barley and A 6 seed cover crop blend from earlier pots poking through organic straw for mulch .

Genetics for my outdoor garden are 4- Black Dog by HSO, 1 Green Crack (Extractors edition) by Jordan of the islands & 1 Gelato Clone from a coworker

I’ve been foliar feeding with a Stella Maris tea which is basically a liquid kelp mixture from a friend who works @ black swallow living soils here in Ontario Canada.

I’ve also been doing EM-1 inputs along with boogie brew teas and my own fish compost and EWC teas.

My IPM regiment consists of Method 1 pps foliar sprays and beneficials ( stratiolaelapse soil mites, Benefical nematodes and Lady bugs) because why do all this work just to kill micro beasties right? :man_shrugging:t2::man_farmer:

As for KNF so far I’ve only made Dandelion FPJ and LABS both of which I have stored in a fridge and shelf.

Now my original plan was to do a ROLS with my pots by knocking them out after harvest and storing in bins over winter and reammending in the spring but my friend @ black swallow told me to just not till it and let it freeze over the winter & top dress a high brix amendment and high nitrogen cover crop in the spring before planting?? What would serve me best for growing in Ontario Canada?

Currently in the process of moving so soon as I’m settled I have plans to implement no til organics to My indoor rooms as well!!

Let’s see your outdoor gardens and fellow living soil friends please spread the wealth of knowledge!!:man_farmer::nerd_face::seedling:


Hello and welcome I like the mix you got going;) I may have to try a run of n.t. with your mix if you don’t mind giving me instructions in October.(I’ll be finished the crop I got on the go ATM. The green crack extractors cut blew me away with its yeild I pulled 32 g of shatter out of 100 g of bud!!!


…nice Black Swallow mix my recipe up for us and shipped it 3 hours to me… the living soil and teas are rocking our grows this year… @Packee got a yard of the mix too… I am very impressed with Black Swallow… welcome to the forum… nice to have another fellow Ontarioan here…lol…



Welcome to GN @kawartha_terps :grin:

Your plants look great!


Thanks guys!

Great to hear some feedback and to know I’m doing it right , I can’t wait to start no till in my indoor rooms inside a controlled environment under my quantum boards and optic 6.

Was finally able to get a tea in this morning because this season for Ontario has totally sucked, I’m thankful for the tons of aeration that my soil has.



Great looking tea;)


Looks like you have a compost tea lab air snake buried in that foam… they are amazing…lol…


I haven’t thrown in my bottled nutrients just yet because I still love DWC but just this year I have begun to incorporate “organic” into my growing repertoire.

I’ll be following along