First time ethonal extraction help and tips

So u use denatured alcohol not food grade?? I bought some bought denatured 200 proof I believe 99% alcohol but it’s denatured not food grade I was told not to use this on a wash I needed food grade kind. What I got was like 65ish a gallon on line. Be nice to know I can safely use that for extracting stuff. Also it’s a little more costly doing. But u can open blast and just evap the butane or get a small vac chamber to rid of the butane from the final product. I use blow dryer to get all my butane out don’t get too hot but seems to rid of the butane and not ruin the taste of the product. Lol. Be nice to know I can use what I bought for extracts.


Alot of older people I talk to use iso but I would definitely go with food grade alcohol if it’s available in high enough %. ( high percentage food grade alcohol isn’t as available in Canada’s as the states.)

My thought is that if the alcohol does not get fully evaporated out (evap starts to slow alot as it thickens making it harder for the last bit to be removed) the user would be ingesting small amounts of food grade alcohol rather than iso/denatured.

Probably better for the person making it not to be breathing in fumes as well.